Campaign Summary


I’m running for the Sausalito Marin City School District Board of Trustees in November. I’d appreciate your support, advice, and encouragement along the way.

There are three seats up for election and seven people running, including two incumbents:

  • Me – One District, All students, No sides.
  • The Two Choice Candidates Slate / Side
    • Ida Green (Board member, elected 2014, named Vice President 2016)
    • Bonnie Hough (20+ years family legal services)
  • The Team Up for All Kids Slate / Side
    • Joshua Barrow (Board member, elected 2012, named President 2016)
    • Jennifer ‘Jen Conway’ Irwin (co-president, Willow Creek parents association)
    • Kurt Weinsheimer (president, Willow Creek board)
  • Peter Romanowsky (Here is his Twitter – you’ve likely seen him at the ferry landing, he says he is running to protest that America builds more prisons than schools. Which is both true and sad.)
With three seats up for election on a five seat board, this vote will have a long-lasting impact on the structure of our schools and thus the opportunities we provide for all of our students.
I’ve already met and spoken with several folks about the role and responsibilities and am looking forward to the campaign. If elected, I look forward to working towards making our school system one we can all be proud of… and one that I am personally excited to send my son Taylor through in a few years.
Here are a few of the people with whom I’ve had great conversations:
  • Debra Turner (SMCSD Board member, elected 2016, named Clerk 2016)
  • Tara Seekins (Head of School at Willow Creek Academy since 2016 after joining WCA in 2011)
  • Tarena Mares (Interim Superintendent of the Sausalito Marin City School District since June 2018 and Deputy County Superintendent of Schools)
  • Jeff Knowles (Board member for Willow Creek Academy since 2010)
  • David Finnane (Principal, Bayside MLK Academy)
  • Tom Clark (Former SMCSD Board member)
This is my first campaign for an elected office. I am excited, and know that it will be a learning experience. If you’d like to read it, here is my official candidate’s statement that will be in the election materials.
Any advice, support, suggestions, or good vibes you want to send my way would be greatly appreciated!