First off, thank you for clicking over here and being willing to support my campaign. Just spending time on my site and reading what I’ve written means a lot to me. Send me an email to let me know what you think, I’d appreciate it, and I’ll keep you updated with weekly emails each Friday.

The best thing you can do to support my campaign is email your friends and neighbors a link to this site or forward my weekly emails along.

If you want to put a sign in your window or wear a pin around town, please let me know. Happy to set you up and I’d really appreciate it. All my signs were printed locally on recyclable paper and I make the pins by hand at home. Happy to make a couple for you and your friends.

If you want to donate money, Bridge the Gap College Prep is well worth it. DONATE HERE or learn about volunteering like I did RIGHT HERE.

Part of why I’m running as an independent is because I don’t believe it should cost 10’s of thousands of dollars to run for local office. I’m doing this on a shoestring budget out of my own pocket…. so, again, I’d really appreciate it if you send a link to this site to your friends and neighbors.

If you ever consider running for an office or committee around town, please do it. Don’t imagine that it takes a huge team or a big pile of money to make a difference. It just takes your time and a willingness to serve our community.