SMCSD Conversation Club

Join the Sausalito Marin City School District Conversation Club!

To keep the conversation going and build on the momentum from our recent election, I am starting a book club of sorts focused on improving our school district. There will be a private online chat space (think Nextdoor) and in-person meetings (casual monthly meet-ups plus quarterly discussions).

Please sign up below.
It’s free, focused on improving our schools, and our first casual in-person meeting will be late January.

The SMCSD Conversation Club is open to all friends of our district.
If you want to improve our schools, you are welcome and encouraged to join. If you have kids in school or not, you are welcome to join. If you are a parent or not, you are welcome to join. If you are a resident of the district or not, you are welcome to join. You – yes, you – are welcome to join.

The SMCSD Conversation Club is both online and in-person.
There will be an online chat forum (think quieter, private version of Nextdoor) to allow ongoing topic-based conversations whenever you like. In-person events will include casual monthly meet-ups (think coffee shop) starting in January and more formal sessions every three months (think roundtable talks) in March, June, September, and December.

The SMCSD Conversation Club is flexible.
There will be one primary book recommendation every three months. Any member can add an article, book, or other topic of interest for the group to consider. All members are welcome to read more quickly, read multiple books or articles at the same time, or cram at the last minute before an in-person meeting.

The SMCSD Conversation Club moves at your pace.
Online conversations will be organized by book and chapter, so anyone can jump in and join the conversation about Book Two, Chapter Three whenever they are reading Book Two, Chapter Three. If you read quickly, maybe you start the conversation. If you read slowly, you might join a conversation in progress. Some folks may prefer to only discuss things in person, others only online. However and whenever it works for you, it works for the club.

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This will be a place to discuss a variety of books, articles, and topics related to improving our school district. Any member can recommend new conversation topics at any time. There will be one primary book every three months that I hope everyone commits to reading.

What is the first book? How *Not* to be a Terrible Board Member

If we want to support our district, we need to support our board. In order to do that best, we should all know what it means to be a board member.

This short book (160 pages) is a collection of case studies, short stories setting up board decisions, that you think through as if you were a board member. It should provide plenty for us to talk about!

This book was highly recommended during the Marin COE training sessions and was written by a long-time board member that is also a nationally recognized educational psychologist and professor at UC Santa Barbara.