One district, All students, No Sides.

Nathan Scripps for SMCSD Board of Trustees – One district, All students, No sides.

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I believe we are one district that must serve all students, and to do that we need to stop taking sides.

The two sides in this election are clear; they are the two slates of candidates aligned with one school or the other. Voters are being asked to pick sides instead of focus on the real problem: No matter which side wins, students lose.

By picking sides, we continue the decade long fight that took our district from having two award winning schools to churning through superintendents. This has earned our district county oversight, a bad report from the Financial Crisis team, and an investigation by the state Attorney General.

These are the results of picking sides for a decade, and our students are paying for it. We must act as one district to best serve all students, so it’s time to stop taking sides.

I’m Nathan Scripps, and I’m running for the Sausalito Marin City School District Board of Trustees.

One district, All students, No sides.